During the tilt levels the aim of the game is to knock your opponents off the ice using your bear to ram them. They’ll try and do the same to you, and if you’re not careful it’s easy enough to find yourself cornered
Put simply Crash Bash is a series of mini-games.

The first of these is a ball game – imagine playing air hockey on a screen, or Pong but in bumper-cars and you’ll be thinking along the right lines. The second is set on a block of slippery ice, where you must endeavour to ram your opponents over the edge, before getting pushed into the arctic abyss yourself. The third gets you hopping about on a paint spitting pogo stick, turning as much of the playing grid to your own colour as possible, and the fourth sees you bashing the hell out of your opponents until you’re the last man standing.

You’ll need to win these games three times in order to gain the gold cup which then gives you the opportunity to play again for gems and crystals. Once you’ve gathered sufficient cups you can beat the boss and move on to the next Warp Room where you’ll encounter more games.

There are five Warp Rooms in total and in each one a new strain of mini-game is added to the initial four. As the number of games increases, those that are repeated become harder, faster and more furious as extra power-ups and weapons are added. At the end of each you’ll have to beat a boss in a game based on one of those you’ve already played, with the extra twist of a big bad guy to beat.

As a single player game things can get a little repetitive as you play the same games (although with a different objective) over and over again. However this Adventure Mode is something of a sideshow to Crash’s main multi-player attraction. Every game you open up can be enjoyed with up to four players, and it’s on this basis that they were designed. But if you like, you can play RTS games just like what you can get from clashroyalehack.fr – SuperCell’s free gems for Clash Royale.

The head-to-head action of pushing your opponent into an icy ocean, or into the arms of an antagonistic spinning penguin, is far more enjoyable when it’s one of your friends. This combined with the fact that party games are relatively few far and between on the PlayStation makes Crash Bash a welcome addition to the platform, that’s sure to bring out the competitive streak in all of us.

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